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Strong aromatic flavor with a slightly bitter astringent.
Use for grilling meat and fish, in pasta and classic chicken dishes.
Sage can be 50-60 cm high. The stems are creating and square.
The young annual shoots are green and white shaggy.
The leaves are opposite on the stems, long-stemmed and slightly wrinkled.
They are white hairy, elongated oval silver gray on the underside with gray-green upper side.
The large, violet-blue flowers are fragrant and forms
aks-like collections of floral wreaths at the top of the stem.
Sage likes dry and fertile soil. A sunny grow space is ideal.
Used as a spice sage will be able to eliminate some of the fat taste in food,
and make it easier to digest fatty foods. The herb is used so often to such food.
Sage is a spice plant with strong flavor, so use it in small quantities!
Sage is easy to dry. Use low heat. 

Aromatic mild taste.
Suitable for meat, fish, chicken, vegetables, potatoes, sauces and venison.
Thyme grows up to 30 cm high.
The stems are square and eventually becomes woody.
The leaves are oval, very green with dots caused by glandular hairs.
The plant is purple, pink or white flowers that sit close together in clusters. 
It has a pleasant scent.
Thyme is grown as a spice plant over most of the world.
The herb consists of both leaves and flowers. 
Thyme has spice scent and a good, aromatic flavor.
Since thyme can be used both as a spice and medicine, 
it is an herb that should be grown in any home.
Young thyme plants are the most vigorous, 
and therefore should be as thyme again at least every two years.
When the plant aromatic substances are strongest in the sunshine, 
should the pot with thyme stand in a sunny place.
Thyme lovely aroma makes it a spice plant with many uses.
The fresh leaves can be used as spices including in meat dishes, to fish, poultry and soups.
It is ideal in casseroles and soups to simmer.
The leaves can also be dried and kept dry, dense and dark. 

To so Stevia in pots that are left in all the time evolved best.
They can within six months be 30-50 cm high and has as plenty of very sweet leaf.
Stevia is a cooking pot plant it is worth making an effort.
Stevia should be slightly moist soil, and you must remember to give the plants enough water.
The leaves are harvested and dried quickly by a heat of up to +70  C.
Stevia is an herb with incredible sweetness. Stevie ability to work sweetening
is estimated to be between 70 and 400 times higher than for white sugar.
Ingredient in stevia has a mild, licorice-like flavor, and is a natural occurring chemical.
Some people do not like the aftertaste of stevia, while others believe
it is not nearly as bad as artificial sweeteners.
Something that makes stevia as interesting is that, unlike other
Natural sweeteners are completely without calories and therefore will not result in increased blood glucose levels.
It will not act as nutrient for bacteria and yeast in the digestive system.