Welcome to My Funky Garden–
the world of very, very... VERY easy living™

We introduce a technical innovation;

- the Lite up pot

which provides you with a natural skill for growing herbs and flowers!

In addition to the Lite up pot, we supply with complementary
products to make your urban life even easier.

  • small boxes with Jungl herb seeds
  • handy bags with Jungl herb soil

both adapted to fit right into your Lite up pot.
Our primary goal and vision is to simplify your urban life.
We will make you see the light – literally!

the Lite up pot regulates the right amount of water the plant needs to absorb –
through its advanced hydro absorption system –
and lites up and give you a little bip to signal the need for replenishment.

Never overwater or dry out your plants again.

Give them a long, fresh and healthy life!

Easy living – indeed
– and there`s more to come!